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Wave Science Technology delivers practical, high quality strategic solutions based on years of experience and industry knowledge. We will assess your needs objectively and deliver jargon-free strategies in terms you will understand.

Our consultants have worked with broadcasters, high-profile businesses and public institutions to create the right strategies to improve technology and workflows.

We have also supported clients and other consultants in delivering large-scale projects, supplementing their in-house teams, providing strategic and specialist knowledge.

Wave Science Technology's consultants have first hand experience in providing strategic and technical leadership for channel launches on Digital Terrestrial and Digital Satellite platforms as well as interactive and webcasting services. And they have designed systems for some of the most high profile institutions and business clients in the UK.

With Wave Science Technology's consultancy services, clients have a specialist adviser who:
  • brings knowledge of best practice
  • brings experience to mitigate the technical and operational problems a strategy could produce once implemented - saving valuable time and money and protecting reputations.
  • has the skills to match technical facilities to an editorial proposition in an economic and efficient way
  • can assess the financial viability of relevant technical options for any new service
  • has in-depth experience and understanding of working practices and potential constraints, politics and workflows
  • can future-proof your business and technology spend
  • takes a practical approach and talks in jargon-free language.

Wave Science Technology's strategic consultancy services include:

Audits and research
We help clients understand their current technology capabilities and how these can be optimised. We research the market to recommend the best technical solution for your business need.

Budget, cost and benefits analysis
We advise on budgets and lifecycle costs and deliver a complete benefit analysis to help select the most appropriate solution and operational practice. This gives full transparency of cost and benefit to the client from the start - so there are no surprises.

External impact assessment
Our experience has shown how external factors impact upon broadcast and business strategies. We take into account all potential issues including political, staffing and environmental factors.

Business process and workflow analysis
We can create or develop business processes and workflows to deliver the very best value to the business. Workflow analysis can have a significant impact on working practices, reducing costs and optimising technology solutions. T: +44 (0) 870 333 0101 email: