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Wave Science Technology advise on a wide range of projects and business areas. Here is a selection of success stories from our non-broadcast projects.

Upgrading an International Conference Centre
As consultants, we surveyed the existing facilities, developed a strategic technical plan to provide broadcast-standard, multi-camera coverage for an international conference centre together with all audio visual systems. We carried out full technical consultancy services - from specification through to Witness Testing and commissioning.

Integrating webcasting - without additional resources
We worked with a government facility to deliver automated webcasting as part of their comprehensive broadcast service. Using Wave Science Technology's expertise in strategic content management, our consultants specified a broadcast-grade system that automated the webcasting to fit with existing workflows - and provided broadcast style footage but without a Director or Camera Operator.

Strategic Review of Audio and Video Facilities
Wave Science Technology completed a strategic review of service provision, facilities, longer term requirements and the contractual arrangements for provision of all audio-visual facilities. We concentrated on taking a holistic view of services which had been developed in piecemeal fashion and analysed the best way to provide cost-effective, integrated support, in an environment where the demand for technical facilities was increasing.

Securing offices from mobile phone use
We advised to a client wishing to prevent mobile phones being used in large open-plan offices for security reasons, but without the client breaking any laws. Drawing on our experience of isolating rooms from high-power radio-frequency transmissions, we outlined both the technical alternatives and the legal implications of each option.

Building a fail-safe radio network for the High Street
We provided technical consultancy to an international high-street business to support the design and roll-out of a radio network to its branches. This gave the client a reliable, fail-safe and maintenance-free radio network in their UK branches, with a blueprint specification for fast installation and commissioning in any branch. This has saved them time and significant costs whilst delivering the highest quality service available. T: +44 (0) 870 333 0101 email: